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Master your mind

We Continuously pursue the most powerful martial art , Karate . This is how we, shinkyokushinkai,were established. Mastering our mind,we contribute to world peace.

Shinkyokushinkai's symbol is designed te resemble our minds. The original idea of shinkyokushinkai is expressed in this innermost secret; "You learn the basics after one thousand day's of training . You master your mind after ten thousand day's".

Our Symbol also represents integration of "mind, skill and body" which is absolutely necessary to nourish the spirit of martial arts.

 Karate Education  

We educate children so that they can develop their strenght to kindness.

 Activities of the domestic Branches

 Young and old people get together to train their mind and body, thereby making a warm communication cicle.

 Activities of the overseas Branches

 Our overseas activities are aimed at spreading of Budo spirit and promotion of international communication.

 Charity action for bone marrow donor registry

 We contribute to building the society where the importance of life is really appreciated.

 Activities for international cooperation

 We will actively participate in NGO activities .


 We hold world tournaments and world cup tournaments every four years, to seek for the most powerful Karate.

Over Ons

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